Devoted to six essential policies or actions that will restore hope in our economy for us and our children.

1. Implement a National Wage Increase 
( including the establishment of a living wage that is indexed to inflation, and wage bonuses paid by employers to ensure that virtually all  working  Americans making less than $200,000/yr. will receive a much needed boost in income after 40 years of wage stagnation.  
2. Make permanent the portions of the recently passed tax bill that directly benefit middle and lower income Americans, but repeal or modify the numerous "tax scam" sections of the bill that grant unfair tax loopholes to corporations and major tax cuts to the very wealthy, and if unchanged will drive up the national debt and take money out of the pockets of working people in the long run.    
3.  Save the Social Security system and increase Social Security retirement benefits.  This is not difficult if we have government that actually cares about people and will implement fair S.S. taxes on the wealthy.
4.  Assure affordable, quality healthcare for all Americans by halting Republican efforts to degrade our healthcare system, stabilizing Affordable Care Act exchanges, implementing commonsense, "no-brainer" actions to reduce prescription drug and other medical costs, and exploring long-term changes to the American healthcare system that will compassionately, and effectively serve all of our people at lower costs.  
5.  Significantly reduce the cost of tuition at public colleges, universities and technical schools, and alleviate the burden of student loan debt currently suffered by millions of Americans.   
6. Pass comprehensive immigration reform which includes a reasonable path to citizenship for longer term, "good citizen" undocumented immigrants, and bases future immigration numbers on the rate of quality jobs available to Americans in our economy.

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